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The Procurement and Contracts functions at Bass Coast Health provide guidance and oversight for all procurement activities undertaken by our health service as well as being responsible for the sourcing of most goods and services purchased by Bass Coast Health.


Procurement key principles

The Bass Coast Health Procurement Policy is underpinned by key principles which aim to ensure that:

  • Bass Coast Health obtains goods and services that meet specification, are delivered on time at competitive prices from financially stable suppliers;
  • Bass Coast Health obtains best value for money based on whole of life cost;
  • Procurement processes deliver probity and transparency;
  • Risk is managed and minimised;
  • Open and fair competition is encouraged based on transparent category management strategies;
  • Consistent procedures are followed in accordance with Bass Coast Health policies and comply with the HealthShare Victoria policies.


Gifts and Gratuities

To demonstrate our commitment to these key principles, Bass Coast Health has established a Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy which sets clear parameters and guidelines relating to the acceptance of gifts, rewards and other acknowledgements from suppliers, providers and other third parties which all Bass Coast Health employees must adhere to.

It is recommended that any supplier, provider or third party contemplating providing a gift, reward or acknowledgment of any nature to a Bass Coast Health employee or team familiarise themselves with our Gift and Gratuities policy beforehand.

In accordance with Victorian Public Sector Commission minimum standards, Bass Coast Health has adopted a totally transparent approach surrounding the acceptance of gifts and gratuities by our staff by publishing details of all gifts and gratuities received on Bass Coast Health's Gifts Register.


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