Salary Packaging

Under Australian Taxation Legislation, Bass Coast Health is able to offer employees the opportunity to access tax concessions via Salary Packaging.

When employees Salary Package, they reduce their taxable income, therefore increasing their take-home pay. Salary Packaging allows employees to pay for items from their pre-tax salary.

At Bass Coast Health, a wide range of salary packaging options is offered to employees, including:
    • Capped Living Expenses– some examples include: Credit Card Reimbursement, Mortgage Payments/Reimbursements, and threshold card
    • Remote housing benefit options

    Non-capped items which include:

    • Meals, entertainment and accommodation reimbursement
    • Meal card

    Employees of Bass Coast Health can find out more about the Salary Packaging options by going to the Maxxia website or calling them on 1300 123 123.