Alcohol and Other Drugs Services

Our team of qualified and experienced drug and alcohol counsellors provide a number of services including:

  • Counselling, consultancy and continuing care
  • Care and recovery co-ordination
  • Referrals to residential detox facilities and rehabilitation facilities
  • Non-residential withdrawal support with a withdrawal nurse
  • Pharmacotherapy linkage for clients on opiate replacement therapies
  • Needle and syringe program
  • Support for all members of the community affected by alcohol and other drug use

 The Drug and Alcohol team continually identify, evaluate, develop and implement programs suitable to the individual, family members and community needs.

 For more information about our Drug & Alcohol service
 please click the image to download our brochure.

Admission Criteria

No referral is required however intake and assessment for services is conducted by ACSO Connect who can be contacted on
1300 022 760 or at


Appointments can be arranged at any of Bass Coast Health locations depending upon the availability of counsellors. Outreach may also be arranged.