Best Start

Best Start is an early years Department of Education and Early Childhood development initiative.  It supports families, caregivers and communities to provide the best possible environment, experiences and care for young children in the important years from birth through to school.

Best Start aims to improve the health, development, learning and well being of all Victorian children (0-8 years). It supports communities, parents and service providers to improve universal early years services so they are responsive to local needs.  It has a strong emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

These improvements are expected to result in:

  • better access to child and family support, health services and early education
  • improvements in parents’ capacity, confidence and enjoyment of family life
  • communities that are more child and family friendly.

There are 30 Best Start project sites across the state, including six sites focusing specifically on working with Aboriginal communities. Local partnerships are the cornerstone of each project site.

For the South Coast Best Start, (Bass Coast and South Gippsland Local Government Areas), eight key organisations form the Partnership which currently works to increase access to Oral Health education and to promote a greater sense of social inclusion for parents across the region.  The focus of the Best Start Partnerships can change in response to emerging trends across South Coast, and reflects the needs analysis outcomes of Health and well-being research and Municipal Early Years Plans.

Contact: Best Start Facilitator via the Family Resource Centre