Tuesday 19 December 2017


On the 2nd of December a couple of Health Services Coordinators at Bass Coast Health were chatting about Christmas and came up with the idea that their team could bring a little Christmas cheer to members of our community who may be struggling. A chat with the rest of the team confirmed the plan and over the weekend the idea grew and culminated in the group putting out a call for donations to everyone working at Bass Coast Health.


Items were donated over the next 10 days, with a last call for toiletries and dental products bringing a huge burst of contributions in the final 2 days. On Friday 15th of December, the team took over the Bass Coast Health boardroom, and with the assistance of available staff from the Family Resource Centre, items were packed into Christmas bags.


The team was initially daunted by the size of the task that they were facing. The sheer volume of goods that had been donated was overwhelming. But, with a plan in place, bags of food were packed first, then Christmas bags were filled for men and teenage boys, women and teenage girls and children. One of the most rewarding parts of the morning was the counsellors advising those helping about the particular likes of a child or family and therefore being able to fill the bags with items suited to them.


After 2 hours of non-stop activity, staff completed the mammoth task. In total they packed over 20 sets for families, including a large bag of mixed food for each family, accompanied by and a bag of toys, books and stationery for the children. Due to the generosity of the staff and their families, they were also able to make up over 15 bags for single people, including food, toiletries and gift items.


There was also a selection of leftover goods which were packed, ready to be given out to anyone else presenting in need during this time. The first bags were distributed on Friday afternoon, with reports of the recipients being really grateful and leaving our staff with big smiles on their faces.


Well done to our staff and their families for their generosity - not only for the quantity of items donated, but also the quality. Well done also to the HSC team who organised this excellent community service and to our Family Resource Centre staff for their compassion and support of our disadvantaged community members.


If you didn’t get a chance, it’s not too late……the Health Services Coordinators are happy to continue to receive gifts at the Wonthaggi Hospital Reception desk and pass them on to our Family Resource Centre.