Thursday 07 February 2019

Fenalla King is one of Bass Coast Health’s 32 Theatre Nurses. Her decision to become a nurse quite literally happened by accident, when at the age of 16, she electrocuted herself and ended up in a small country hospital in her homeland of South Africa. Fenella says being the recipient of such kindness, compassion and professionalism became the catalyst for her life-long career in nursing.


After years of general nursing, her interest gravitated towards the operating suite, where she became a proficient and highly knowledgeable Instrument/Scout Nurse for many specialities, including general, gynaecological, ENT, plastics and orthopaedic surgery.


Fenella has been a valued member of the Peri Operative team at Bass Coast Health for 7 years, and in that time has shared an enormous wealth of knowledge about the role of the Instrument/Scout Nurse, which is where her expertise lies.


“I particularly enjoy this role because, while it involves structure and meticulous planning, it also brings with it an element of the unknown. It’s incredibly interesting to assist the surgeon with such a vast array of operations”, she said.


No two days are the same for Fenella, with one day seeing her assist the surgeon for a knee replacement, and participating in a caesarean section the next.


Another passion of Fenella’s is within the role of coaching and teaching, and she loves seeing her students grow into their role with her guidance and support.


“Whether I’m assisting a surgeon, providing reassurance and a calming touch to a nervous patient, or supporting a student through their first ever surgical procedure, I feel honoured to be able to use my skills to help others every day’, she said.

Bass Coast Health’s Theatre Nurses contribute hugely to the teamwork culture within their Theatre Suite and this positive contribution converts to better communication within the team and results in increased safety for patients.


For information about a career in nursing at Bass Coast Health, contact James Alexander, Operational Manager on 5671 3333 or email james.alexander@basscoasthealth.org.au.


Pictured Above: Bass Coast Health Theatre Nurse Fenella King feels honoured to be able to use her skills to help others every day.