Monday 28 May 2018


Bass Coast Health is looking for members of the public to join their Consumer Health Information Committee (CHIC).


The CHIC committee reviews BCH’s health information on a monthly basis, making sure the information is useful, clear and easy to understand.  This information may include pamphlets, brochures, health fact sheets, information written for the purpose of health education and general information regarding services and treatment.


It is not a requirement to have previous experience in health care, as CHIC committee member Diana Holmerg discovered.


“I wanted to contribute to making Bass Coast Health a relevant and highly-regarded service.   I don’t have a background in health, so it was important for me to find an area where my contribution wasn’t stressful – but relevant and effective.   I found that my real-life experience is actually a valuable asset to the work the committee does”, she explains.


Ms Holmberg says she find her involvement very rewarding, “I think it makes a tangible difference.  The work this committee does has a direct impact on the understanding and utilisation of what Bass Coast Health offers to individuals and families in our community”.


‘Plain English’ training is provided to assist with assessing health information.  Each month, content is distributed via email to individual committee members and the members provide feedback to Bass Coast Health about how easy the information was to read and understand.


The committee currently has a vacancy, and is particularly interested in seeking input from younger people or adults with young families. 


“The thing the committee is missing right now is the voice of younger community members, like young Mums”, said Ms Holberg.


If you are interested in becoming involved or would like more information, please contact BCH Quality Manager, Sharrie Grocock on 5671 3365 or email

Shown above: Members of Bass Coast Health’s Consumer Health Information Committee meet once a month to provide their feedback.  Pictured (L-R) are Joyce Ball, Diana Holmberg and Jenny Lonergan.