Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Geraldine Heffernan

Thursday 26 October 2017
Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Geraldine Heffernan



It was 18 months ago that Geraldine Heffernan heard about the Pastoral Care Volunteer Program at Bass Coast Health. First, through the Wonthaggi-Inverloch Inter-Church Council which she serves on, then through her own Church and an article in the local newspaper. She had always been interested in volunteering at BCH because she had spent nearly 25 years visiting various friends and family members who were in and out of hospital as patients. When she retired, becoming part of the Pastoral Care team felt like something she might want to do although wasn’t sure if she could.

“I like connecting with and meeting new people and appreciate the sharing that takes place. It gives you insight into who they are as a person and what their experience of life is like as a patient. Years ago we didn’t have Pastoral Care and a friend had gone through the death of her husband without anyone. I started working with the local Inter-Church Council and they made sure that people in the community were well looked after - emotionally and spiritually, not just physically - by starting the program”.

Apart from praying, Geraldine relies on a weekly yoga class and a daily practice of “Yoga for ten minutes,” she says, to take care of herself. That, and having a great sense of humour, regular walks along the beach with her husband, time spent in her garden, golfing, looking after eight grandchildren between the ages of four to nineteen and her fitbit - to keep a healthy and balanced perspective of life.