Wednesday 01 November 2017


Bass Coast Health’s (BCH) staff were very excited recently to take delivery of a new ultrasound machine, purchased with funds raised by the BCH Ladies Auxiliary in collaboration with the San Remo Op Shop Auxiliary.


The state-of-the-art machine, worth $70,000, has the potential to benefit a large number of Bass Coast residents with its improved technology. It also provides a range of possible life-saving features, such as allowing staff in the Emergency Department (ED) to make faster diagnoses in emergency situations due to the machine’s high-resolution images.


Manager of BCH’s ED Cath Jones commented, “We feel so lucky to have this technology and it’s already in high demand with staff. In fact it was used by three different departments on its very first day here!”


The Auxiliaries, each a fundraising force to be reckoned with in their own right, have worked tirelessly together over the past 12 months to raise the money. Their representatives were given a chance to visit the ED and see the machine in action shortly after it arrived, with Cath Jones and BCH’s Senior Medical Officer Dr Greg Shuttleworth demonstrating the machine’s many uses. Minutes into the demonstration, they were an impressed audience.


The machine will predominantly be used in the ED for assessing the activity of the heart in patients presenting with cardiac events, helping to show reversible causes, as well as allowing doctors to look for such things as bleeding in the chest and abdomen in major trauma cases. But it will also have important uses across other areas of the hospital.


The Maternity Department will use it to view the position of babies in utero, to investigate suspected bleeding and to monitor foetal wellbeing.


The machine can also be put to work in the Operating Theatre, providing staff with easy access in patients with ‘difficult veins’, reducing the patient’s pain and allowing them to be given important medications earlier.


The new machine will also ensure BCH can continue to offer a relevant and evolving training program for medical undergraduates into the future as, these days, the level of technology used by the new machine and its applications are now commonly taught to medical students. The new ultrasound also has a training feature specifically for students, which means they are more easily able to gain important experience and confidence operating the various functions of the machine.


BCH’s CEO Jan Child said the staff were very grateful to the Auxiliaries for their dedication. “We are so blessed to have them. They are just unstoppable!”


Tireless as ever, the Auxiliaries are again joining forces, with their current fundraising efforts focussed on upgrading the Maternity Unit to update its appearance and to provide women with a single room after the birth of their baby.


If you are interested in learning more about activities run by the BCH Ladies Auxiliary or San Remo Op Shop Auxiliary, or if you would like to donate to BCH, please go to or call 5671 3333.

Pictured above (L-R): BCH Emergency Department Manager Cath Jones, BCH Senior Medical Officer Dr Greg Shuttleworth, BCH Ladies Auxiliary President Margaret Hender, BCH Volunteer Coordinator Mandy Gilcrist, BCH Ladies Auxiliary Secretary Barbara Culp and BCH San Remo Op Shop Auxiliary Treasurer Lorraine Ingbritsen.