Consumers celebrate 11 year of participation at Bass Coast Health

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Pictured above: Departing Bass Coast Health Community Advisory Committee members Jack Dunn, Anwyn Martin and Griselda Thompson.


It was with great pleasure that Bass Coast Health (BCH) recently celebrated the dedicated contributions of three retiring Community Advisory Committee members.

Anwyn Martin, Griselda Thompson and Jack Dunn generously gifted a combined 11 years’ service to their local health service as representatives of their local communities. Their contributions helped ensure that the health needs of the communities they represented were always considered in strategic decisions at BCH. 

At an afternoon tea held recently to celebrate their contributions, BCH’s Executive Director of Quality & Risk, Noni Bourke said, “The tremendous value of the volunteered hours that have been focussed on the health needs of our local communities is immeasurable”.

Addressing the departing members, she told them, “Your legacies will live on through your tireless efforts across many years of community service, not only in health but more broadly in your communities”. Ms Bourke said “Strategic advice from consumers and input into improvement projects ensures all aspects of consumers’ needs are considered, and you help us get it right!”

The Community Advisory Committee is a high level committee consisting of a group of community members, appointed by the BCH Board of Directors that was formed by BCH in 2012 to increase consumer, carer and community participation with the health service. The Committee has two critical roles: to provide direction and leadership as consumer, carer and community views are incorporated into all levels of BCH’s service – including its operations, planning and policy development; and to advocate to the BCH Board of Directors on behalf of the community, consumers and carers.


The vacated positions left by the departing members have been filled by Greg Mead, Faye Tuchtan and Neil Beddoe, who join existing members Caroline Talbot (chair), Kate McLaughlin, Terry Shannon, Bruce Proctor, Joyce Ball and Hilary Kerrison.


The combined knowledge and experience of these members could fill the MCG given their diverse life experiences and professional journeys.


BCH CEO Jan Child said, “As we start to implement our Clinical Services Plan across the region and develop our Master Plan for the future, it’s fantastic to have such diverse representation from the community to collaborate with. With this level of combined skills around the table we can ensure we are guided very well from a consumer perspective. Our Community Advisory Committee is a valuable asset to BCH and our local communities.”