Patient opinion matters at Bass Coast Health

Monday 17 July 2017


Bass Coast Health (BCH) recently introduced a new online feedback system for consumers that is easy to use and guarantees greater transparency about the feedback Bass Coast Health receives from consumers.


The Patient Opinion website has been used in health services across Australia since 2012. Its aim is to capture both positive and negative experiences from patients and clients and encourage honest and meaningful conversations between them and our health care staff, to improve care.


There are many advantages of the new system for BCH. One is that interactions on the site are in real time, so experiences can be responded to promptly and personally.


BCH CEO Jan Child said “the introduction of Patient Opinion to BCH makes it faster and easier for our patients and clients to share their experiences and let us know what we’re doing right and what we could do better. It gives our consumers a strong voice and helps us to respond quickly to what they’re saying and address issues raised in their feedback”.


The real beauty of this new system is that other members of the public can see the feedback that is provided, as all experiences and responses published on the site are public; this means the community can see how the health service uses its patient feedback to improve its care.


“This is another important way to listen to our community, and show we are serious about making real-time improvements based on what our patients and clients and their families and carers say. Health care is about continually improving what we do, and this provides a very constructive and transparent way to continue to improve”, Ms Child said.


To find out more about Patient Opinion, please call BCH Quality Department on 5671 3365.