Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Denise Bordignon

Wednesday 25 October 2017
Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Denise Bordignon



The past three years have been a ‘joy’ for BCH Pastoral Care Volunteer Denise Bordignon, who started in the role in 2014. Her husband John knew she had a knack for it and kept urging her to follow her passion for working with older people because he believed she easily connected with them. She didn’t pay much attention to him until a friend, who was working as a Pastoral Care Volunteer at BCH, said the same thing.


“I said to my friend, ‘You’ve been talking to John haven’t you’? So I gave it a go and it’s been really rewarding. I most appreciate that sense of joy the patients and residents show because you’ve taken the time to come and see them and take an interest. You walk away with a sense that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life - and that’s really good.”


Often, Denise says the patients give her joy too, including the odd belly laugh. “You never know what will happen. The key is to be open and present no matter what arises with someone”. The cottage and veggie gardens with chooks that Denise so fondly nurtures at home, along with her husband and family relationships and caravanning, help her relax her mind and let go of any worries so that she can totally be there for others and experience her own growth in the process.