Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Denise Jeffries

Tuesday 24 October 2017
Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Denise Jeffries



Denise Jeffries has been a Pastoral Care Volunteer at BCH since the program was officially launched in 2011.


“I was used to working with people, from my church interactions with baptisms, weddings and funerals, so I thought it would be worthwhile to see if it was good fit. On my first day on the ward however I froze and wondered, ‘Can I really do this’? Then a nurse who was also from my parish approached me and took me under her wing, introducing me to the other girls on the ward. That made the difference in my feeling ‘I can do this’!


From then on Denise was able to connect with those having difficulty and needing someone to talk to, starting first at Kirrak House before moving over to do shifts in the hospital. She said it blows her away how quickly people are willing to trust and how much she and the person both appreciate the encounter. She feels that the trust in what pastoral care is able to deliver extends to how well the hospital staff have embraced the program.

Outside of her volunteer role, Denise nourishes herself by spending time with her family and feels fortunate to live in Wonthaggi. The key to life for her is “keeping things simple” and being part of her church community, gardening and cooking.