Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Sue Michael

Thursday 26 October 2017
Pastoral Care Week Volunteer Profile - Sue Michael



A year after the Pastoral Care Volunteer program started at BCH, Sue Michael was on board. It’s in her ‘DNA’ she says, as a Minister’s daughter who followed in her father’s footsteps from the young age of 12. It was then that she started teaching Sunday School in Bass. From there she underwent 250 hours of official training in chaplaincy, which she served through her church. When she later moved to Wonthaggi, the call to minister to others presented itself again.


“My father and mother had servant hearts which cultivated that in me as well, I’m sure of it. I love listening to people and being a part of their lives, even though with Pastoral Care in hospital, it’s for a very short time. That doesn’t matter though. Being able to be there for others when they are going through something is so needed”.


Every morning Sue spends time both reading the bible and spending ‘time with the Lord,’ as well as her husband, in prayer. She and her husband are both active church members and met whilst on a church trip to India, which reflects how perfectly the role of Pastoral Care Volunteer suits her. As her father had founded the Bass Valley Historical Society, Sue also discovered an interest in genealogical research. Family life is very important to her and being able to help preserve her father’s work to record the history of the region in the hundreds of photographs he took is yet another way she is able to give back to others.