Monday 18 February 2019

Tara Holt says the best thing about working at Bass Coast Health is the people she meets through her role as a Referral Coordinator. Prior to starting at Bass Coast Health, Tara worked in a position helping people find employment, and she finds her current role a further extension of this. The reason for this is simple, she says.

“I’m really passionate about making someone’s life better. I love making a difference”.


Tara’s role as Referral Coordinator means that she gets to connect people of all ages to services that improve their health and wellbeing. Once a referral is received for a service at Bass Coast Health, Tara makes contact with the person to discuss their needs and suggest other services or care that might improve their quality of life.


“For example, I may receive a Physiotherapy referral through the My Aged Care portal for someone over the age of 65 who has had a fall in their home. I would then contact the person and discuss any reasons that may have contributed to their fall. This may lead to me referring them onto our Occupational Therapy team for a home safety assessment. The Occupational Therapist would then go to the person’s home and identify risks within the home so we can prevent the person having any more falls. They may organise for rails  to be installed in bathroom areas, or other modifications that would make the home safer for the person or to our Falls and Balance Clinic so they can regain their confidence moving about”, she said.


She says that understanding the balance between respecting a person’s wishes and identifying their needs, so that every client can receive person centred care is very important to her.


“It’s vital to give people choice and flexibility. Our Referral Coordinators discuss individual needs with each client and provide them with appropriate services to make life better and easier for them – both in and out of the home”, she said.


She says the team’s goal is to keep people healthy and safe in their home environment for as long as possible.


“We provide a lot of services for the community through our health service, and that allows us to connect people to more than one service – and this can keep them healthy and independent or prevent their health from worsening. So, for instance, a person with Diabetes coming in to see our Diabetes Educator can also see our Podiatrist, as they are higher-risk clients for developing issues with their feet and legs, and see our Dietician to maintain a healthy diet”, she explained.


For more information about referrals to Bass Coast Health’s community services call 5671 3343 or go to the Services page on their website