Wednesday 10 April 2019

Bass Coast Health has revamped its Meals on Wheels program and is excited to offer the new-look meals to residents within the Bass Coast shire.


Director of Support Services at Bass Coast Health, Lynne Winterburn, says the meals have been proving popular with a range of people. “Meals on Wheels is available to anyone, but it’s particularly valuable for older people who don’t want to cook but want to stay healthy.


The meals are cooked daily by Bass Coast Health’s qualified chefs and frozen the day they are made.

Each meal is prepared in line with the Victorian Food (amendment) Act 1997 and Food Safety Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).


“The main benefit of these meals, apart from the convenience of having them delivered to your door, is the peace of mind they give people from a nutritional point of view”, says Lynne. “Each of our meals is nutritionally balanced, making them a much better alternative to store-bought frozen meals, which are cheap, but can be high in salt and sugar”.


For people who may be home-bound, such as the elderly, the service is a way to remain living independently at home and stay healthy. The weekly deliveries also provide an opportunity for social contact for those who may be isolated. In addition to this, the weekly deliveries give Bass Coast Health staff a chance to check the welfare of each client. “This can bring great piece of mind to family members who have a loved one living on their own”, explains Lynne.


Local client Dorothy Hitchings says the meals offer her many benefits, “I love them! I know they’re good for me and they taste beautiful. The salads are my favourite”. Dorothy says as she has gotten older her appetite has decreased, so she often eats a soup, main meal and dessert over the course of the day. “I have to say, the meals are so big that I usually cut them in half so I get two meals out of one. It’s great because I still feel satisfied and I’m spending less than $12 a day”, she says.


The Meals on Wheels menu is updated regularly to incorporate seasonal produce, with customer feedback and suggestions being incorporated into each new menu where possible.


Two courses (a soup and main meal or main meal and dessert) are available for under $10 and three courses (a soup, main meal and dessert) are available for under $12.


With nine soups, fifty main meals and twenty desserts to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Soups include Italian minestrone, cream of chicken and corn, and lamb shank vegetable. Main meal selections range from timeless favourites like roasts, apricot chicken and stews, to chow mein, mornays and stroganoffs. Desserts are mouth-watering yet healthy, with choices including banana and toffee pudding, cherry ripe mousse cake and apple and blackberry pie.


The meals cater to all dietary requirements and personal food preferences.


If you are interested in finding out more about Bass Coast Health’s Meals on Wheels call 03 5671 3333.

Pictured Above(L-R): Bass Coast Health’s Director of Support Services Lynne Winterburn and Chef Carol Gray, Meals on Wheels client Dorothy Hitchings, and Bass Coast Health’s Meals on Wheels Coordinator Sarah Shultz.