Overseas Visitors Fees and Charges


Reciprocal Rights

The Australia Government has Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements with the governments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Malta and Italy.

These agreements may entitle you to limited subsidised health services for medically essential treatments whilst visiting Australia.


Asylum Seekers/Refugees

Asylum seekers/Refugees are provided with free medical care (including emergency and elective care) pathology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical services in Victorian hospitals.  Asylum seekers/Refugees will need to produce supporting documentation confirming their status as an asylum seeker.

If documentation is not provided, there will be an expectation to pay for all associated medical costs.  When documents are presented to the Patient Liaison Officer, associated fees can be waived.

Not covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement or not an Asylum Seeker/Refugee

All overseas visitors that are not covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement or are not an asylum seeker/refugee will be treated as a Medicare Ineligible Patient and as such will be required to pay costs incurred for all medical treatment whilst at Wonthaggi hospital.

Wonthaggi hospital requires upfront payment of these fees prior to your attendance at outpatient clinics or the Emergency department or admission to hospital regardless of whether you have travel insurance or private health insurance.


You will also be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your passport and visa status
  • Contact information during your stay in Australia
  • Overseas residential address and phone number
  • Relevant health insurance or travel insurance policy details

The fees payable for services provided by Wonthaggi hospital is detailed below.

Emergency Attendance - non admitted
(no additional fees apply for bandages etc.)


Outpatient Clinic - per visit  


Midwifery Homecare, per visit
Childbirth education classes, per class


Bed rate per day/night excludes management of birth
$2,400 representing 2 nights accommodation must be paid prior to the birth of your baby. Should your admission exceed 2 nights, an invoice for the additional night/s will be sent to you following discharge from hospital.

Wonthaggi Medical Group are a separate entity to Bass Coast Health (Wonthaggi Hospital). As such, there are different payment arrangements that cover Wonthaggi Medical Group doctors for obstetrics, in addition to any fees that may be charged by the Hospital directly. Wonthaggi Medical Group's upfront fee for delivery of a baby by their Obstetricians is $6,000.00. Please contact the Wonthaggi Medical Group on (03) 5672 1333 for further information


Medical - Bed Rate, per day/night
Surgical - Bed Rate, per day/night
Additional fees will apply for services provided by the treating doctors/surgeons at Bass Coast Health. An invoice for medical &/or surgical procedures will be sent to you following discharge from hospital from the providers of these services.


AMBULANCE TRANSPORTATION   100% of the fee charged by the ambulance
service to be passed onto the patient
INTERPRETER SERVICES   $60.00 per hour or part thereof

*The fees above do not include additional costs for surgically implanted prosthesis, anesthetist fees, diagnostic services (pathology, radiology, ultrasounds fees) and/or pharmaceuticals.  The  patient is responsible for these additional costs.


If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Patient Liaison Officer on (03) 5671 3108 from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.