Health Promotion

What is health promotion?

Health promotion work involves creating opportunities for people to participate in

activities that increase their health and well being.  Health promotion is also concerned with the health of disadvantaged populations and strives to address health inequalities by improving social, environmental, political and economic conditions in which people live.



Health Promotion Programs and Resources

Looking Out - A guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex & queer (LGBTIQ) health and inclusive practice

Choose Tap Campaign

Diversity - Coming Soon !!

H30 Challenge

Health Families Healthy Smiles

Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program

Prevention of Family Violence Campaign

Rethink Sugary Drinks

Smiles 4 Miles


What does the Health Promotion team do?

We have three Health Promotion Workers whose work includes:  

  • health education and awareness raising
  • advocacy and lobbying for change
  • developing health and wellbeing policies and practices 
  • assisting workplaces and schools and early learning centres to achieve health and wellbeing goals


What is happening in Health Promotion around Bass Coast Shire in 2016-2017?

You will see our Health Promotion staff working in the community to:

  • Promote healthy eating & participation in physical activity
  • Promote mental health & wellbeing and embrace diversity
  • Implement the Smiles for Miles dental health program 
  • Work in partnership with other local organisations such as Bass Coast Shire, South Coast Primary Care Partnership & others


At Bass Coast Health our Health Promotion Workers are:

Helen Page, Team Leader :
Phoebe Ruffin, Health Promotion Worker:
Rachel Sands, Health Promotion Worker: 

t: (03) 5671 9213