Parking at West Gippsland Hospital during building works

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Monday 15 April 2019
There are three major construction projects underway at West Gippsland Hospital.

   • Eight-bed Short Stay Unit being constructed near the main entry to the hospital next to the Emergency Department
   • Third Operating Theater site at the rear of the hospital above the Consulting Suites driveway off Landsborough Street.
   • A new roadway and car parking bay along the front of the Hospital to link the two main driveways off Landsborough Street.

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Parking for people wishing to enter the hospital

   • People can enter the front door to the hospital by walking up the pathway beside the builders fencing to the main door or to the Emergency Department. A number of disability and short term patient pick up drop off parking spaces have been designated near the front of the hospital.
   • A large illuminated sign has been installed at the front of the hospital with directions for visitors.

Wheelchair access or assistance to enter the hospital

Directional signage has been erected at the main entrance driveway directing people with special needs to follow the painted fluorescent yellow line on the roadway through the main hospital car park to Ley Street to the rear of the Emergency Department. Three car parks have been designated for 5 minute drop off only. In addition an intercom has been installed outside the veranda door at the rear of the Emergency Department to allow for patient admissions out of hours. A volunteer concierge team is available during working hours to direct patients.

The entrance at the rear of Emergency department provides flatter ground for people to enter.

Pick up of discharged hospital patients

Patients discharged from hospital in wheelchairs will exit via the Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC). Two car parks next to the concrete ramp directly opposite the CRC building have been allocated for 5 minute patient pick up only.

Access to Cooinda Lodge Aged Care residences

People can park at the rear of Cooinda off Ley Street and enter via the rear entry doors into Cooinda or they can come through the main hospital doors and enter Cooinda via the hospital green corridor.

Access to District Nursing, Haemodialysis, Mary Sargeant building

Patients and visitors who need to attend the Mary Sargeant building for District Nursing and Haemodialysis are being advised to park in the car park off Ley Street and enter via District Nursing front entrance where disability parking is also provided.

Staff and visitors accessing rear officers, meeting rooms and seminar room will also need to enter via Ley Street.

Information for Consulting Suites patients

   • Patient parking is available along Consulting Suites driveway at the beginning of the driveway and at the top of the driveway for patients and for people with a disability.
   • People can also park in the large car park off Sargeant Street where car parks have been reserved for consulting suite patients and disability parking. A pathway links the car park to the consulting suites and hospital entry near Endoscopy/Oncology.
   • The quadrangle area at the very top of the consulting suites driveway near Consulting Suite 3 has been closed to vehicles to allow for construction of a third operating theater.
   • There will be trucks entering driveways at various times during the construction. People are encouraged to obey traffic controllers at all times.
   • Visitors are advised to allow extra time for car parking while the works take place.

Allow extra time for parking

Visitors are encouraged to allow extra time for car parking throughout this time and to follow traffic controllers at all times.

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